The Night I Died

Horror Adventure in 1935 Detroit

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Kent DeWitt

Kent is a rising star in the Detroit banking world. He is bright and charming, and has a reputation as a straight shooter. Although his clients were hit by the downturn just like everybody else, by prudent investment he has kept most of them solvent and satisfied with his services.

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Therese Dumond

Therese Dumond is, or was, a bubbly, quick-witted young woman. Of late her personality has given way to melancholy. The has become pale and withdrawn, hardly eating and rarely leaving the house during the day.

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Cavalier & Damsel

These are Jacques Runner's alsatians. They go everywhere with him if it is a place where a dog can go, and stick close to him without the need for a leash. They will also protect him if bad intentions are offered.

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