The Night I Died

Horror Adventure in 1935 Detroit

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A friend of the Investigators, Kent DeWitt, approaches them with a delicate problem—his fiancée, Therese Dumond, has been acting strangely, and he fears she might be under a supernatural influence.

The Characters

Characters will be 150 points, and may have some experience of the supernatural. Thaumatology and magic in general are not present in the characters' worlds. Occult knowledge is allowed, as well as specialization in mythos knowledge.

Characters should be part of the middle or upper ranks of society. Contacts and friends in high places would not be inappropriate. It is also reasonable to owe a debt of obligation to Kent Dewitt or Therese Dumond (or for a lesser price, her deceased parents).

Karate or Judo are not allowed unless the character also chooses Unusual Background. This should be cleared with the game master prior to game day, as it will probably require some alteration to the scenes in the adventure.

There are also several pregenerated characters which you may choose from, if you would rather not roll your own.

The Setting

The adventure is set in 1935 Detroit. The city has been crushed by the global downturn. The city's efforts to relieve hunger in the city have left it with crippling debts, and recently toppled the mayorship of Frank Murphy. Frank Cousins, the new mayor, is sympathetic to the rising labor unions. The National Labor Relations Act has just been passed, but we are still two years from the sit down strike and the emergence of organized labor as a major political force.

Two years ago Diego Rivera finished his murals in the courtyard of the Detroit Institute of Arts. His fashionable but retiring wife Freida Khalo is still the talk of the society pages.

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